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Canine Snake Avoidance

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Canine Snake Avoidance

We all love our dogs. They are out best friends and will be loyal to us until the end. One of the best and most important things to teach dogs in Australia is to avoid venomous snakes.

​The Snake Hunter now offers advanced training to teach dogs to stay away from snakes. This training has been directly learned from Seth Pywell (Perth Dog Trainers),  Australia's leading trainer to teach dogs to stay away from snakes and is now on offer for all in Victoria. Click on the box below to be linked to our Canine Snake Avoidance Website.

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Media Articles

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Canine Snake Avoidance

Dog Snake Avoidance Training

Our Training methods have been established as the most 'reliable' form of teaching dogs to avoid snakes. Reliability comes when your dog knows that it has to avoid snakes  whether or not you are there. Our training method is safe, responsible and the most up to date in the industry.


Responsible dog owners from all over Victoria and interstate travel to do our Canine Snake Avoidance program. All learning is done in a controlled environment with proper trained staff and under supervision.

Canine snake avoidance

How Does The Training Work

Over a 2 day training program, your dogs learn to avoid snakes when they sense them (smell or sight). We use a range of different snakes including both venomous and non venomous so that way your dog learns that all snakes are bad. Dogs are taught to avoid snakes in a range of different scenarios both at the home and in outdoor environments.

We offer both 1:1 or small group training. If you want to learn more, go to our main Canine Snake Avoidance website at:

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