Due to the frequency the Snake Hunter appears in the media, stories are broken down according to subject.

Crocodile found in Melbourne

Different Magazine Articles

The Snake Hunter interviewed by The Snake Hunter

Herald Sun Article about the crocodile caught in Melbourne streets

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Learn about snakes you may encounter when hunting deer.

What to do when you see a snake when hunting

Learn about protecting yourself from snakes while hunting in winter.

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Protect Dogs From Snakes

Protect Dogs From Snakes

Father, Son, Bitten by Snake

Where is that Venomous Snake?

Other Articles/News Stories

Exclusive story of Matt and Brayden Horne

Interview live with the Snake Hunter

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A venomous snake concealed near a bike path close to a school is the latest reptile...

'Snake hunter' Mark Pelley posted a picture of a lowland copperhead snake online

Just to prove that you are probably never ever safe when in Australia...