Below are some of the animals SNAKE HUNTER can bring to our reptile shows

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Lace Monitor (named "Lance")
Our lace monitor is very friendly and loves to be held - but only by the Snake Hunter. He is not suitable for people to hold in accordance with Wildlife Laws however is great for displays and talks.
Bearded dragon
Bearded dragons are a crowd favourite and love to be held! They sit on your shoulder, climb onto your head and love to smile for photos!
Eastern Water Dragon
Our eastern water dragon is quite big and is great for shows and to pat him.
Freshwater Crocodile
"Gummy" the freshwater crocodile is growing bigger by the day and is very popular for displays and shows.
Thick Tailed Geckos.
Our geckos are extremely shy but are great for displays. Kids love to watch them run and hide and then run around again while safe in their glass enclosures.
Short Neck Turtle
Short necked turtles love to race and are great to watch swim around and hold at reptile shows.
Green Tree Frogs
We have lots and lots of green tree frogs to hold and take photos with.
Bearded dragons
More bearded dragons
Blue Tongue Lizards
We sometimes lose count of the number of eastern blue tongues we have. They love to be held and have their photos taken!
Blue Tongue Lizards
Baby blue tongues are for display only as they're too little to be held.
Baby bearded dragons
Baby bearded dragons are great to see in displays as they are too small to be handled!
Adult Blue Tongues Lizards
More blue tongues
Short Tail Gecko
More geckos!
Long Neck Turtles
Eastern long neck turtles are a family favourite and love to be part of reptile parties and shows!
Eastern water dragons
More eastern water dragons
We have lots of turtles
Eastern water dragons
Water dragons in their natural habitat
Green Tree Frog
More green tree frogs
Short Neck Turtle
More short neck turtle photos
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Storrs Monitor
Our storrs monitor is only about 10cm long and is named "Godzilla". He is very fast and entertaining to watch.
Bearded Dragons
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