School & Kinder Incursions

Pre School

Our preschool program is is specifically designed to make the child feel comfortable for their initial introduction to reptiles and wildlife.

Pre-schoolers wil

  • Children will learn about what Australian Reptiles like to eat, where they live, what they feel like to touch!

  • Discussion is based around body shapes, colour and texture.

Primary School

Our interactive and educational primary school shows are educational and entertaining! Learn about the wonderful and weird characteristics of native reptiles and amphibians in a hands on reptile show.

Students and teachers alike are fascinated by these amazing reptile shows where you can learn about how reptiles, eat, hide, live, and more!

Fun for all ages Prep - Grade 6.

Secondary School

The Snake Hunter aims to captivate students with an interactive show that impress young teenagers to develop a greater interest in the environment and conservation.

Students learn about ecosystems, individual animals, food networks, and the vital role that animals play in the environment.

Discussions give everyone the opportunity to touch, handle and better understand animals.


Our V.C.E program is specifically tailored for senior students to better respect and understand native Australian animals. Students learn in detail about the critical role reptiles play in the environment, how snake venom works, and more.

Students examine how Australian reptiles adapt to the harsh Australian climate and how these help animals survive and thrive.

Teachers are provided support material to further assess and enhance learning.

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