Reptile show
Reptile show
Reptile show
Reptile show
Reptile show

Celebrate kids birthdays in style with reptile themed parties. These parties are interactive, safe, educational,

entertaining and so much fun you child and their friends will be talking about them for ages.

Our standard reptiles for parties includes:

Dragons, Frogs, Crocodile, Turtles, frogs, Lizards, Pythons, & Shingle backs.

If you have specific requests for a type of animal, please get in touch with us to see how we can help you.

You can customise parties even further with The Snake Hunter themed birthday invitations, party accessories and a tailored birthday cake.

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Our snake safety workshops are tailored specifically to your organizational needs. The SNAKE HUNTER has provided snake safety and awareness training to emergency services personnel, small and large companies, families, individuals and more.

Melbourne's snakes cannot be misunderstood as an incorrect understanding could result in serious injury or death. Call THE SNAKE HUNTER to attend for a snake safety workshop to protect you, your staff or your family.

Bring your next corporate event or party to life with amazing reptiles for your staff and/or their families to hold. With fun, interactive and educational displays. Take lots of photos with the animals, and give everyone an event to remember with the best office party they will be talking about for months afterwards!

Reptile Show

If you have an upcoming event/festival/show, call in The SNAKE HUNTER for the most amazing reptiles to attend. We are fully insured, have a great reputation for providing great shows and talks and are used by many places Victoria wide. If you have a community event or festival, use only - The Snake Hunter.

Hands on fun, friendly and age appropriate educational shows for pre-school children to learn about native reptiles they may come across at home or at kinder!

Everyone has a lot of fun!

Primary school shows are educational, interactive and where students can hold the animals. Everything is closely supervised and teachers can have confidence knowing students are receiving a great learning experience.

Teachers and parents expect secondary school students to learn about ecosystems, animal biodiversity, the impact on the environment and much more. The SNAKE HUNTER expects for students to learn all about this, but have fun at the same time.