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Snake Safety Awareness

Snake Safety is Everyone's Business

Snake Safety and Awareness should be learned by all people of all ages regardless of where you work or where you live in Australia.

Our Snake Safety Awareness Courses are specifically designed and tailored to your unique needs. You could be a family or a group of families who want to learn about snake safety for your children just before summer begins or perhaps as part of a club or organisation, your members may encounter snakes.

The Snake Hunter has been providing venomous snake safety awareness sessions for a range of private, public and government organisations for years with amazing positive feedback.

We have customised snake safety training for CFA, Victoria Police, local organisations and so much more. Give The Snake Hunter a call to discuss your business, situation or individual needs to see how we can tailor a course specific to you .

Reptile Show Melbourne

Teaching Diamond Creek CFA about snake safety and awareness. The Snake Hunter receiving a certificate of appreciation from the station Captain. April 2018

Reptile Show Melbourne

Teaching Viewbank Horse and Pony club about keeping riders and horses safe from venomous snakes! March 2017

Reptile Show Melbourne

Teaching local Diamond Creek families about how to keep homes and children safe from venomous snakes.

March 2017.

Reptile Show Melbourne

Teaching Victoria Police Mill Park Station about how to keep safe on the job and where/when/what to do if encountering venomous snakes. April 2018

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