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Venomous Snake Consultant



It could be that your business or department is responsible for earth moving, construction work, land management or more. You could be unfairly blamed for a recent increase in snakes in the area due to your building site or business activities. As an experienced snake consultant, I can help your business or agency manage negative public perceptions about venomous snakes.  This includes:

  • Developing or disseminating information or brochures about understanding snake behaviour and management. 

  • Introducing appropriate signage to create warnings for people.

  • Creating awareness and better understanding through direct public contact, seminars or workshops.

  • Much more.

Give us a call today to see how we can help you.

Snake Hunter - Venomous Snake Consultant



As a recognised expert on Australian venomous snakes and snake behaviour, Mark the "Snake Hunter" Pelley has been consulted by State Government, Councils, Businesses, Individuals, Schools, Kindergartens & More. People have sought The Snake Hunter's advice for:

  • How to deal with & manage venomous snakes in homes, backyards and businesses.

  • How to prevent/reduce the incidents of snakes occurring on properties.

  • Snake Bite First Aid.

  • Understanding snake venom, snake bites, signs and symptoms.

  • What to do if you see a snake or think there is a snake on your property.

Consult the Snake Hunter for expert advice today.


Snake Hunter Snake Consultant



The Snake Hunter frequently provides individuals, businesses, schools and government with answers to difficult questions about our endemic elapid species. This includes:

  • General advice about local venomous snakes to members of the public.

  • Telephone & Media inquiries (See our media page for more information).

  • Consulting and liaising with OHS staff about the management of employees who work near venomous snakes.

  • Protecting children and pets from snakes.

  • Providing information or advice on looking after, housing or feeding venomous snakes or other reptiles.

  • Much More.

Give the Snake Hunter a call today!

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