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Snake Catcher

Mark Pelley - The Snake Hunter

Mark Pelley "The Snake Hunter" has developed a strong reputation as being a professional, reliable and the fastest snake catcher with "no fear". He has appeared in the media numerous times for saving people's lives from snakes and has strong, glowing reviews from the community.

As an expert snake consultant, Mark has helped individuals, families, businesses and government better understand and be saved from endemic elapids. His passion is to protect people, pets, snakes and the environment. 

Mark has trained in catching snakes in both Australia and in Pakistan where he learned how to handle Asiatic cobras. Mark also is the C.E.O of "Canine Snake Avoidance" where he teaches dogs to avoid snakes.

Well recognised in the local community, if you see the SNAKE HUNTER in the street, don't be shy to say "hello" as Mark would be pleased to meet you.

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canine snake avoidance

"Star II" - The official dog of The Snake Hunter

"Star II" the border collie is the official Dog of The Snake Hunter! Apart from being super cute, she is now 3 years old and has 4 jobs at work:

1. Star is an excellent therapy dog for when I go to catch a snake, she runs up to people, and presses against them for cuddles. Scared home owners cuddle and pat star to help alleviate their anxiety when I'm removing a venomous snake from their property.

2. Ever since Star was a puppy, we would play a game: "Find the snake" and Star does this very well. She can help The Snake Hunter find snakes.

3. Canine Snake Avoidance: Star is part of the Canine snake avoidance training program in helping dogs stay away from snakes.

4. Reptile Shows: Star participates in reptile shows to teach people to stay away from snakes (This is especially good for kids). s

If you see Star in the street, say: "Hello!" She'd love to meet you.

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Snake Catcher Diamond Creek

Craig Stewart - Snake Catcher & Self Defence

Craig is the newest member of the Snake Hunter team. He is an expert self defence instructor at for over 40 years.

Craig has helped teach how to control his breathing and body movements including reflexes around snakes to be a better snake catcher. He is referred to by Mark - The Snake Hunter as the "Smartest Snake Catcher" because Craig is always coming up with new ways to catch snakes without having to pick them up or engage with them.

With Craig's innovative inventions and unique approach to snake catching, he is a valuable member of the Snake Hunter - 24/7 Snake Catcher team.

Craig is still in the learning process as he only recently started working here, and is also going to be part of the reptile shows and other parts of the Snake Hunter business. If you see Craig around, say "Hi!".

Snake Catcher

Aishah Pelley

Future Toxicologist

Aishah is 17 years old and is the 2nd oldest daughter of the Snake Hunter. Aishah has been trained from a young age to understand animals including snakes. She is a qualified snake catcher and is still in training before she is allowed to go out and catch snakes on her own.

With a sweet heart and showing endless compassion for animals of all shapes and sizes, Aishah is great at working with people too (especially kids) at The Snake Hunter's Reptile Shows where you can pat and hold the reptiles. Aishah is also in training learning how to teach dogs to avoid snakes in our Canine Snake Avoidance program.

Aishah recently completed year 12 currently also works in a laboratory protecting us from COVID-19 while she is studying towards becoming a toxicologist to work with snake venom in future.

Square Stage

Jessie Pelley

Reptile Shows & Canine Snake Avoidance

Jessie is the oldest daughter of The Snake Hunter. Jessie is currently studying psychology at university after completing her Advanced Diploma of Legal Studies. Being of Aboriginal descent, and a devout Muslim lady, Jessie plans to work in future with disadvantaged and multicultural communities in Melbourne.

For now, Jessie works as part of the reptile show program where she helps people better understand endemic reptiles and amphibians such as lizards, dragons, frogs, turtles, monitors (basically anything that is NOT a snake as despite being The Snake Hunter's daughter, Jessie won't go near them).

Jessie's mature approach to reptiles helps adults and people from ethnically diverse backgrounds better appreciate native Australian animals and we can all better live in harmony with them. She is a most valuable part of The Snake Hunter team.

Jessie is also in training, learning the psychology behind the Canine Snake Avoidance program.

Reptile Shows Melbourne

Aeve Pelley

Aeve is 13 years old is The Snake Hunter's 4th daughter. She is currently in school and is not 100% sure what she wants to do in future when she grows up. Despite encouragement to take after her father's footsteps to become a snake catcher, apparently according to Aeve: "That is something only crazy people do..." (She is right)

Aeve is learning how to feed and care for all types of animals including caring for sick and injured ones. She loves to help out and learn at The Snake Hunter's Reptile Shows and as part of the Canine Snake Avoidance Training program.

Aeve loves to write stories and work with computers. She is currently in the Australian Army cadets program. Aeve is a very active girl who is great at sports and can do 1 arm chin ups.

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