Mark Pelley "The Snake Hunter" has developed a strong reputation as being a professional, reliable and prompt snake catcher with "no fear". He has appeared in the media numerous times for saving people's lives in rescuing them from snakes and has strong, glowing reviews from the community.

As an expert snake consultant, Mark has helped individuals, families, businesses and government better understand and be saved from endemic elapids. His passion is to protect people, pets, snakes and the environment.  Mark also loves helping new and emerging multicultural communities better understand Australian animals as part of their adjustment to the Australian way of life.

The Snake Hunter has multiple skills and qualifications in TAFE and university across several diverse areas. He has an equally diverse work background. Mark has trained in catching snakes in both Australia and in Pakistan where he learned how to handle Asiatic cobras.

Well recognised in the local community, if you see the SNAKE HUNTER in the street, don't be shy to say "hello" as Mark would be pleased to meet you. The Snake Hunter only wears Lowa Boots - 100% Handcrafted in Europe.

To learn more about Mark Pelley click HERE or go to

Myah is the host of our Snake Hunter YouTube channel "Myah's TV show". She was only 8 years old when she began to show a love for animals. Now at 13 , Myah's passion for reptiles has only grown.


Myah is currently in year 8 at school and is a very happy and bubbly young girl. Her personality lights up the room as she draws in crowds at reptile shows. During reptile displays, Myah can't be missed while she stands in a room covered by snakes and lizards.

With a passion for animals and teaching people to not be afraid of snakes, Myah will encourage beginner adults and children to walk right up and have the courage to hold a snake for the first time.

Myah currently studies with Mark the Snake Hunter to learn more each day about the care, husbandry, handling techniques, types of species and behaviour of native reptiles. She is becoming quite an expert at the different types of snakes and reptiles of Australia.

When at one of our famous Snake Hunter Reptile Shows, come say hello to Myah and have a go an handling one of our famous SNAKE HUNTER reptiles.

If you want to book in a reptile display and show, go to

Star the border collie, is the official dog of Mark Pelley The Snake Hunter. She was born on 5th May 2017 and immediately intense training to learn: toilet training, new tricks, and how to distinguish between different animals.

Star will soon feature regularly as part of the Snake Hunter team especially as we begin to focus on teaching dogs to stay away from snakes.

Star is a border collie puppy that has an intense curiosity for the world and is ever playful and even more adorable. She is very popular with people who meet her while going for walks and who's favourite activity is being adored by those she meets when out for a walk.

If you see Mark Pelley or Star around town, be sure to say hi!

77 Patyah Street Diamond Creek Vic 3089

130 Blair Street Dallas VIC 3047

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