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Mark Pelley The Snake Hunter

Mark Pelley

Mark Pelley The 'Snake Hunter' is your local 24/7 emergency snake catcher provides safe and legal snake catching in Thomastown. If you see a snake call 0403875409. Mark Pelley attends homes, schools, kindergartens and businesses to safely catch venomous snake to protect you. He is fully insured, well known and trusted by the community to rescue them from snakes.

Mark Pelley - Snake Hunter

Mark AKA "The Snake Hunter". He adopted this name after demonstrating a strong ability to seek out and 'hunt' for snakes in people's homes or backyards that are often hard to find. These snakes are then safely and carefully removed by Mark Pelley to be released back into the wild away from people and pets.

The Snake Hunter also offers reptile shows and snake safety awareness training teaching the local community to understand how to better respect and understand endemic elapids. He also offers canine snake avoidance training to protect your dogs from being bitten.

About Mark Pelley

Mark is a local to Diamond Creek who spent most of his childhood there. He also has travelled extensively overseas. Pelley is a dedicated family man who operates as a single father of his beautiful 5 young daughters. Pelley has a passionate and extensive knowledge about venomous snakes but also has worked in a number of roles including:

  • Mental health

  • Migration Law

  • Government (Teaching doctors to abide by law)

Mark Pelley also has diverse qualifications in:

  • Snake Handling

  • Government

  • Mental health (Masters)

  • Psychology & Management

Mark Pelley in the Media

Mark Pelley - The Snake Hunter frequently appears in the news and media for catching venomous snakes around Melbourne. He also is well known in the local community and on social media. To see all news articles, click HERE. A quick list of the more important stories featuring Mark Pelley are below:

  • Mark Pelley rescues father & son bitten by venomous tiger snake. Click HERE

  • 3 Venomous snakes removed from local Melbourne Hospital by Mark Pelley. Click HERE

  • Mark Pelley catches snake at Children's Farm. Click HERE

  • Crocodile Removed from Streets of Melbourne by Mark Pelley. Click HERE

  • More Articles about Mark Pelley, click HERE

Mark Pelley - Contact Us

If you have any questions, see a snake, want to book in a reptile show or do snake avoidance training for your pup, give Mark Pelley The Snake Hunter call on 0403875409 or send an email to

Mark Pelley Snake Hunter Thomastown
Mark Pelley The Snake Hunter Thomastown
Mark Pelley Snake Hunter in Thomastown
Mark Pelley in the Media Thomastown

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