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Snake Removal Bulleen

Snake Removal Bulleen

The 'Snake Hunter' is your local 24/7 emergency snake handler that provides safe and legal snake catching in Bulleen & Surrounding suburbs of Melbourne. We will attend your property to safely catch any type of venomous snake and relocate it away. Mark Pelley The 'Snake Hunter' is fully insured, professional, reliable and is highly recommended by the media and social media.

Snake Removing Services Bulleen

Call Mark Pelley The Snake Hunter on 0403875409. We cover Bulleen and all suburbs of Melbourne for:

  • Snake Catcher

  • Snake Handler

  • Snake Removal

  • Snake Relocation.

Snake Removals

Australia has the most venomous snakes in the planet. Many of these are found all over Melbourne. When you see a snake, do NOT handle it yourself. Only call a professional snake handler. Call Mark Pelley 'The Snake Hunter' on 0403875409. We will attend your premises and safely capture and remove snakes there.

If You See A Snake


1. Immediately call 0403875409

2. Remove persons & pets away from the area.

3. Watch the snake from a safe distance.


1. DON'T try to touch, catch or kill the snake.

2. DON'T chase the snake away.

3. NEVER copy the actions of the Snake Hunter.

If Bitten by a Snake


1.  Move away from the snake.

2. Immediately call '000' & follow their instructions.

2. Stay Calm and still.

3. Apply a pressure immobilisation bandage.

4. Call 'The Snake Hunter' 0403875409


1. DON'T wash the bite site

2. DON'T cut or bleed the area.

3. DON'T use a torniquet.

About Mark Pelley

Mark Pelley is a local to Diamond Creek in Melbourne who spent most of his childhood there.  He has a passionate and extensive knowledge about venomous snakes. Mark is a dedicated family man with 5 young daughers and The Snake Hunter is a family run business. Pelley frequently appears in the media on TV, radio and in print magazines for his expertise or unique stories about snake catching.

Contact Us

If you have any questions, see a snake, want to book in a reptile show or do snake avoidance training for your pup, give Mark Pelley The Snake Hunter call on 0403875409 or send an email to

Snake Removal Bulleen
Snake Catcher Bulleen
Snake Catcher Bulleen
snake handler Bulleen


Teach Dogs to Avoid Snakes with our state of the art Canine Snake Avoidance Training

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